Thursday, 23 December 2010

Craig and Charlotte's 100 things to do in Britain - #14 Iron Bridge, Shropshire

The birthplace of industry! And its not too bad a place to visit too. With plenty of museums (although you have to pay) to visit and walking trails through the gorge and the surrounding greenery you can definitely make a day of this. Make sure you turn up early though as it is a nightmare to traverse the steep narrow roads whilst trying to find a parking space.

Set in a quaint town/village (although its hard to believe this place exists right next to the M54) Iron Bridge has all the niceties you expect from small tea shops, hand made toy stores and useless garden ornaments! You might just forget that the bridge itself is pretty impressive. Do yourself a favour, take a picnic and make a day of it by getting lost in the woodland.


Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Craig and Charlotte's 100 things to do in Britain - #16 Caernarvon Castle

A great little drive towards the back end of beyond 'Bangor' in North Wales will see you come across the mighty castle of Caernarvon. An awesomely English built slap in the face to the welsh all them years ago proving that we indeed were superior :P (until it got sacked by the welsh).

The castle itself houses a small town with coffee shops, cake stores a market and your classic 'bits n bobs' shops. The castle is kept in fabulous condition and is a real charm to walk round, through and under. A small entry fee is well worth the price with museum's and staff on hand to point out just how magnificent it really all is. A small wharf-side also is of interest for those who like a bit of a walk across to the lookout post on the opposite hillside.

Along with the drive this is a great scenic day out, and with a few coastal towns locally to the castle its easy to spend the entire day (neigh weekend!) in the area. Cheap and Cheerful, just how I like it!


Thursday, 22 July 2010

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Friday, 30 April 2010

The Red Bull (Light) Challenge (Success)

Hey, i'm not dead! Week over and a steady one can of year old Red Bull light every day with no side effects apart from birthing a small dwarf after the final can. Everyone can feel safe in the knowledge that drinking a year old can of the stuff will not kill you, challenge over!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Craig and Charlotte's 100 things to do in Britain - #100 Bond Street, London

Back again for the second part of our London trip, i'm afraid it's a bit of a poor show picture wise as the security donned in fitted suits were warding off the bums and japanese tourists.

It's always a great feeling knowing that as you stroll past the many windows you will be coming out of the street with all your money in tact (this I made CLEAR to Charlotte before-hand :D). I do really feel sorry for the number of blokes wincing as the assistant told them how many times they will need to re-mortgage their homes to afford the 'rock' their wives are ogling.

On the whole Bond Street is great to visit if only to see all the amazing amount of crud a woman can attach to herself.


Friday, 23 April 2010

The Red Bull (Light) Challenge

Today started an epic battle between out of date Red Bull (12 months) and my body. Fellow employees winced at the idea of drinking the stuff shouting from the hills "that stuff will kill you!" and "best before mean's it is out of date dumbass!" The term best before is a conspiracy one which the Red Bull challenge will topple (obviously being the first person to do this...)

If I don't post back within a month then take it that I officially am dead of RB poisoning or have felt the need to end my life from Mikes pathetic attempts to 'Lay the Hammer' on me.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Craig and Charlotte's 100 things to do in Britain - #21 The London Eye

Howdy, doody! Haven't been keeping on top of these for a while but your in for a treat (well... maybe if you like big wheels!) as me and Chappers headed down to "The Hub" of Britain for the weekend aka. London.

First up on our trip was the gargantuan London Eye, and it truly is a huge beast! Besides from putting Charlotte off just from the height she also wasn't feeling too hot which probably is not the best combination. I was impressed with the wait time being only 20 minutes as the last thing we wanted to do on a cold winters night was spend 3 hours queuing!

Once on and moving you get some great views of the city which are only bettered when viewing it at night, London lights up amazingly well and is definitely a must do in the capital, if not for the ride but also for being the only place where you can really see all the main sites from one spot. Parliament, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Westminster, Canary Wharf... You name it and you can see it.

A good 20 minutes passes and we gradually come down to ground level (to Charlottes relief). All in all what appears to be a rather lacklustre post is actually one of the best experiences I have had in London. Make sure you try it.