Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Craig and Charlotte's 100 things to do in Britain - #16 Caernarvon Castle

A great little drive towards the back end of beyond 'Bangor' in North Wales will see you come across the mighty castle of Caernarvon. An awesomely English built slap in the face to the welsh all them years ago proving that we indeed were superior :P (until it got sacked by the welsh).

The castle itself houses a small town with coffee shops, cake stores a market and your classic 'bits n bobs' shops. The castle is kept in fabulous condition and is a real charm to walk round, through and under. A small entry fee is well worth the price with museum's and staff on hand to point out just how magnificent it really all is. A small wharf-side also is of interest for those who like a bit of a walk across to the lookout post on the opposite hillside.

Along with the drive this is a great scenic day out, and with a few coastal towns locally to the castle its easy to spend the entire day (neigh weekend!) in the area. Cheap and Cheerful, just how I like it!


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