Sunday, 16 August 2009

Craig and Charlotte's 100 things to do in Britain - #90 Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve, Nottingham

First place visited on our list, the mighty Sherwood Forest, home of the heroic outlaw Robin Hood. I had high hopes for Robin and his band of Merry Men and they did not disapoint. Arriving on the 9th August 2009 we happend upon the "The Robin Hood Festival" which takes place yearly, being free apart from parking we had a brilliant time with falconry, jousting and live music aplenty as well as a lot of activities for kids including archery, face painting and jesters (which to be fair we enjoyed just as much :D). And if all that is not enough there is miles and miles and yes... more miles of walks through the scenic forest to enjoy. The day was great and the visitor centre is pretty good value for money considering that would be nothing. One tip though, turn up early as people were being turned away who came later than mid day.

Being the first place to visit on our adventure were going to set the score at 5 out of 10 and this will be used as the benchmark for future expeditions.


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